20. 04. 2015

Autograph of new book by Eva Kavková: The woman who desired to be "strong" or Czech Amazon syndrome

We are pleased to inform you that the new book by Eva Kavková is already on pre-sale in our eshop. You can already place an order and we will deliver it to you as soon as it comes down from the printer within weeks with the author's signature. více

7. 04. 2015 Eva K.

Food of Love, Eva Kavková

Into everything I do, I give all my soul and with the heart on the sleeve I pass on what I learned from my life experience, wise friends and teachers. It seemed natural and necessary to continue in what illuminates our relationship with food and soul. And so our education project The Food of Love = Jídlo Lásky developed into more depth. And also our new program called "Love for food or by eating to love?", which will be available regularly on our internet television. více

7. 04. 2015 Eva K.

Did you know how to easily and inexpensively use cabbage for body cleansing in the spring?

This common vegetable also has medicinal properties. Hardly any plant that grows on the ground can compare with its value. Even Hippocrates prescribed to their patients, finely shredded cabbage with salt for cysts disease, urethritis and painful urination. Galen practiced cabbage wraps on wounds, diseased joints and prescribed cabbage leaf tiles for those sick with a fever. více

7. 04. 2015

THE FOOD OF LOVE to your table!

Since tomorrow We have our own food delivery for you. více

7. 04. 2015

Thursday mom meetings

STARTING NEW IRREGULAR MEETINGS OF MOMS in the Food of Love bistro on Pankrác in our Japanese garden. více

27. 02. 2015 Eva K.

Yesterday the 40-day Lenten fasting began. Do you want to try it?

With the spring and Easter arrival we often have desires to change something in ourselves, to improve, to live healthier, and for example to cleanse our bodies. Before Easter since ancient times the classic fast took place. It was supposed to be held for 40 days and consisted mainly of leaving out the meat from the diet and in so-called fasting. více

2. 02. 2015 Eva K.

Where did Food of Love come from?

The moment you are on the highway of your life, guided by clear signals and symbols, it is the "Ride" and you cannot do anything other than follow. Emancipated from all prejudices, doubts and fears, you arrive at the decision with the courage to bet everything on one card. At that moment you know it's all right! Miracles line up ready for you continuously. více