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20. 04. 2015

Autograph of new book by Eva Kavková: The woman who desired to be "strong" or Czech Amazon syndrome

We are pleased to inform you that the new book by Eva Kavková is already on pre-sale in our eshop. You can already place an order and we will deliver it to you as soon as it comes down from the printer within weeks with the author's signature.

Official Czech autograph of the book will be held on 5/5/2015 from 4 pm to 6 pm in the restaurant Ostrovní with the participation and speech of author's friend, enlightened actor and improviser Jaroslav Dušek. Godfathers of the book will be Eva’s work colleagues Nela Boudová and Dalibor Gondík. During the program you may also hear the performance on the glasses by the famous astrologer Mikoláš Bělík and you will be given an opportunity to taste light raw treats from Eva's Food of Love project.

 This authentic story delivers insight into the subconscious psychology of a woman who is exhausted to death struggling to be the best wife, mother and a lover, yet still wondering why is her reality so different from her ideal. Not only that she realizes and explains those symptoms that are so familiar to us, but she also helps with practical steps to restore feminine creative potential in a woman, the creator. At the same time she is also illuminating  many questions to her husband, who not only "dries up" next to her, but even he cannot understand what kind of suffering is she going through, while being trapped in patterns passed on by generations. You are going to learn a lot of information from the raw food area and cleansing procedures and methods of work with one’s own development, which helped Eva in her personal and professional career and which she uses on her own.

 And before you can read the book, here are some interesting quotes ...

 "A man enters into marriage with the fact that it's forever and has no expectations. When a woman is not anchored in her energy, she does not power the man, the creator and therefore, stuck in the issues of material world and its relishes, enters into marriage with expectations. This alone is a raised finger ...”

 "A woman anchored in her feminine energy simply is, creates an environment, works with her intuition and through it she sees the invisible. Thus, with this setting, she wisely leads her man, even though he sometimes does not follow the lead at first, but she still loves and supports him. She is wise and humble, loving and yet very clear in her thinking and behavior, because she is deprived of lies and living in truth follows the highest good of all. She is an inspiration for all of us, without expecting any recognition."

 "The world needs our courage and resolute souls, because only then we inspire others, just by being who we are."

 Beautiful reading & cheers!

 Jídlo Lásky Team