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2. 02. 2015 Eva K.

Where did Food of Love come from?

The moment you are on the highway of your life, guided by clear signals and symbols, it is the "Ride" and you cannot do anything other than follow. Emancipated from all prejudices, doubts and fears, you arrive at the decision with the courage to bet everything on one card. At that moment you know it's all right! Miracles line up ready for you continuously.

These internal settings were already present while opening the Secret of Raw restaurant, where I, as the creator of the spiritual concept, cultivated my steadfast commitment to enforce the miraculous effects of raw food in the region. Fascinated by everything the restaurant was providing into my life, and equally noticed by our clients and employees (affectionately known as "messengers of light"), I began to perceive yet another perspective. My inner artist was already knocking at the door veiled "secret" that eventually opened. This reflection materialized because I was ready and I wished it above all other earthly and material possessions. I realized that my raw diet entered my life as means by which I will continue helping the world. Through working with people on courses and tiny work on myself, I discovered a complexity that is coveted throughout the world. And how else could it have happened than that I found it myself. The discovery of my true place is what sounds like a great cliché, but it's just what sounded in my ears, perhaps for 15 years. At the moment you accept your ordinariness, you become extraordinary.

Our simplicity of natural talents constitutes our originality. We consider it common, it comes to us so naturally that it's our second nature, we do not perceive it as a gift or something that we should build upon. But when we think about it, it's the cornerstone, because it gives us confidence, self-esteem, does not occupy our energy and we just effortlessly flow. All endeavors vastly deplete us. Finding this ordinariness is our turning point. All the comparison and competition ends and turns into cooperation, self-confidence in yourself and likewise in others. It is a dance, and not a war. Whenever I see someone dancing, I want to know how and it inspires me a lot. When I see someone fight, I'm afraid, and I forget that I have a choice.

Come "dance" with the Food of Love project, which I (and my determined team) present on this market as a comprehensive solution to what each of us needs. Harmony in body, mind and soul.

As for my path now and into the future, I have chosen to continue working with raw food which I not only love to eat, but I also love to prepare. I enjoy every single bit of it so you can find it on our bistros menu. There are two at the moment, on the Karolíny Světlé Street 8 and Na Pankráci 123, both in Bikram Yoga Prague studios. Other ones will be developed as franchise (more on our website) in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic. In the Mind section there is a program ready for you, not only about raw food, but also on how to find your personal talents and bring them to life. In the Soul section we create space for projects that cannot be described in any other way than "soul supporting."
We are looking forward to being with you.

Eva K.