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27. 02. 2015 Eva K.

Yesterday the 40-day Lenten fasting began. Do you want to try it?

With the spring and Easter arrival we often have desires to change something in ourselves, to improve, to live healthier, and for example to cleanse our bodies. Before Easter since ancient times the classic fast took place. It was supposed to be held for 40 days and consisted mainly of leaving out the meat from the diet and in so-called fasting.

How's your health and what about you and fasting? We suggest several options for your cleansing, according to your life stage, wishes and current development! Nonetheless, this 40-day period began on 26.2., but it is never too late to join a good cause!

For the beginners

Maybe you're in a situation where you realize: "Oh, it's already February again?" What have I resolved for the new year? "All right, I'll start to live a little healthier."

Just go for 40 days without any meat, white flour, sweeten with honey and try to leave out the alcohol for few days a week :)

For the intermediate

This classifies a person who has not even held fast without food.

I recommend that you resolve for example, that during the following 40 day-period, one weekly fasting day consisting of only juice and nothing else.

If you cannot drink all day then eat salad or some fruit in the evening.

Each of these methods helps digestion and the body. The point is to do something different for yourself.

For the advanced

Here, you have to be an advanced faster. February is generally the month when we have the least energy after the winter and if you are not proficient in fasting, it is the least appropriate time to start. Any additional pressure from the outside weakens us inside and will be reflected on our psyche.

Therefore, for those who already have the experience, I recommend fasting on juices and teas, as long as you see fit. It is important to observe the body and be on the lookout for pressing on the decision with our mind instead of responding to vital body signals. It is hard to recognize, but that's why we actually fast, so as to be closer to our selves and to understand better what our body is saying.

Cheers :)
EVA Kavková