Video Tutorials Basics raw cuisine

In this 32-minute video Eva Kavková guides you through the most important parts of her RAW KITCHEN BASICS course.

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Cyclic being in Spain

During the seven days we will spend symbolic wheel of life, focusing on "our life cycle." We devote whole week to conscious work for stabilizing our inner peace.


4-day course

The 4-day course in the beautiful and relaxing environment of Sázava will not only provide you with an overview about raw food, but it will also enlighten your soul in natural peace and harmony. You are going to learn how to prepare a wide variety of dishes from breakfasts to dinners. You will also tap into the secrets of your true creative potential that is dormant in each of us. It is exactly one of those “unexpected” side effects of raw food: to connect with our intuition and let ourselves be guided into understanding ourselves.