Creativity camp for children

Extensive teaching about family and food flavors.

Raw food workshop for parents and kids is the combination of games with discovering and understanding raw food through non-cooking.

28. června – 3. července 2015

Dear parents,

We would like to invite you and your children to taste the summer on the mountains.

You are going to see your children, as they are. Kids love that. You will see yourself. You are going to see each other. You will be enchanted by that view – I can promise you that.

How does the workshop work? Playing games together is accompanied by moments when kids have time for themselves, they entertain themselves, perform theatre, paint ... and we are having discussions with parents about what has happened, connecting it with the basic needs theory and answers about everyday life.

What are you about to take away with you? You will discover a way of how to find common ground with your kids, as well as with your partner. What is needed towards mutual understanding, trust, freedom and love. You will learn to recognize your body signals. You will gain the ability to pass your own wisdom undistorted by your past wounds. The inner self-assurance your children need will be uncovered. Moreover, the kids will naturally adopt self-confidence and independence by your side.

In your hands you will be carrying deep understanding of situations which happen as the children are raised and a clear map with navigation in uneasy moments.

How do the basic development needs meet with what we eat?

  • Need of Place
    Where do we position our nutrition? Where are our tastes leading us?
  • Need of Safety
    What is safe? How can we learn to intuitively recognize that?
  • Need of Support
    What kind of food treats support our bones ,organs, brain? Which food treats support our goodness? How do our relationships taste like?
  • Need of Nourishment
    How to nourish life? How to prepare all those goodies? How to recognize good and viable suggestions – not only nutrition, but also information, experiences. How to recognize what is truthful?
  • Need of Limits
    „Just enough." And not a bit more nor a bit less. Limits in nutrition and in education. How to set limits to children. How to set them to ourselves – to our taste and habits which no longer serve us. Teaching about firmness and kindness.

What is important – we are going to be together. Kids learn independence and disclose their talents. We are training respect and freedom. And the whole thing is great joy.

Background on the topic of basic developmental needs:
Five basic developmental needs (according to PBSP – Pesso-Boyden psychomotoric system) ought to be filled "at the right time by the right person". If it fails to do so, we carry "holes" in our corporal and emotional memory and that attracts us towards the desire to fulfill them. Albert Pesso, PBSP creator, with some exaggeration says: „ Meeting basic developmental needs at the wrong time with the wrong person is most often called marriage."

We cannot go back to past. But it is possible to liberate ourselves from its bindings and live like our needs were met fully at some point. To become balanced and happy and carry this quality into our relationships, partnerships and parenthoods. PBSP, next to therapeutic work, offers simple exercises and plays for adults and children resulting in self-realization and old wounds healing. Injured man creates injured relationships. The happy person carries happiness into his/ her relations.

Hanka Havlová

therapist, emotional intelligence trainer, coach, parent

Professional Experience: 
Lecturer and methodologist of series of courses and long-term training programs for companies and the public since 2005. Her work has been that of focusing mainly on emotional intelligence and personality development, communication, education and leadership.

  1. Therapeutic practice –individual + leading therapeutic groups. Leading the school communication clubs for first and second degree children, lectures for parents.
  2. Regular courses for the public– Happy child (for parents) + Children's workshop (for parents with children), Emotional Intelligence, exclusive experiential courses (in the desert, at sea, riding, for example. “We understand each other - 5 days for children, horses and parents”)
  3. Practice abroad – Methodical and personal supervision of the OUTDOOR PARENT EDUCATON program – for parents, pedagogues and psychologists (project within the international European programme GRUNDTVIG LEARNING PARTNERSHIPS 2011-2013).
  4. Lecturer of national projects for emotional intelligence training for teachers and school management, modern methods of learning)
  5. Coaching and counseling in companies and one-on-one
  6. Lecturing, publishing, graphic design, promotional and editorial activities.

Teaching the basic developmental needs is one of my dearest interests - whether it takes the form of workshops for parents or teachers, or for the whole family. It provides an immediate effect. Old grievances disappear, and a deep understanding of ourselves and others is introduced, as well as the ability to kindly name that, which we need, relief. Enthusiasm and eagerness to unfold life, just like those little ones possess. Games and exercises which will be experienced with the children, will surprise you with their playfulness, finesse and depth.

Eva Kavková

Raw food course instructor and of related self-learning courses lecturer, parent

Professional Experience: 
Successful practices within business since 1999. For the last 6 years, in her development, she focused on finding her ideal "task" (Dharma), which led her to Secret of Raw company establishment. Today, as raw food pioneer, through her own project Food of Love, she presents on the market not only culinary experiences, but also discoveries that this diet offers.

Thanks to her extensive work with dreams for more than ten years and thanks to other available methods which she went through in her own education process, she announces in the form of raw food courses, the insight known as "love that goes through the stomach." These courses, being applied from her own experience, are rich with insights on how to realize a lot of other habits that have not served us from a long time ago. This is accomplished by changing eating habits, replacing them with a desirable manner of behavior, and a general approach of healling both body and soul.


DATES 2015
JULY: 4. - 11. 7. 2015

Adults /parents/ 7 000 CZK/person
Child 4 500 CZK/person

Included in price: food (raw food), course fee and program (see above) including raw food preparation instruction.

Pension Slunečnice, Kuřímská Nová Ves, www.penzion-slunecnice.cz
Each participant pays for his/her own accommodation upon arrival.