Cyclic being in Spain with Eva Kavková and FOOD OF LOVE

Spain 1. - 8. 8. 2015

Course concept:
During the seven days we will spend symbolic wheel of life, focusing on "our life cycle." We devote whole week to conscious work for stabilizing our inner peace.

Linking conscious eating and working with own self in the module:
- Daily routine
- Moderation
- Activity
- Rest

The course is aimed not only for those searching for their mission, but also for the ones who are already "on track" and who need to give a systematic approach to arriving at their destination. Here, the longstanding business practices are connected with the art of "being" and "trust".

To celebrate our uniqueness, we selected accommodation in a four-star hotel and everything will take place in the festive mood for the self.

  • Every morning from 7 am Yoga and seaside meditation
  • This will be followed by raw breakfast
  • Morning session will be from 9-11 am
  • Then raw lunch will be prepared together
  • The afternoon session will last from 3-5 pm after a siesta
  • Group preparation of raw dinner
  • Evening program after dinner will always be according to our needs (spontaneous program ).

Day one - arrival

  • Accommodation
  • Raw lunch
  • Getting to know each other
  • Raw dinner
  • Getting to know the environment
  • Recreation

Day two

Getting to know the principles – what do these mean:

  • Daily routine
  • Moderation
  • Activity
  • Rest

[understanding individual parts in depth and how to work with it in practice]

Day three

Food festival, enjoyment and conscious work with the food, ie. the physical matter.

Our dependencies and conscious work with them.

Day four

Working with periodic falling asleep and pitfalls of this "common phenomenon". It is normal that along our self-development we get to the point that we are "stuck." This is exactly the point where we are "asleep" and do not see it. Practical awareness of this fact and how to move forward again ... it's all included in this topic.

Day five

Working with our responsibility and the whole theme of "manipulation" versus true love. The theme that moves the world and we are all familiar with this. Understanding all kinds of manipulation and how much it is blocking us in our life happiness. What to do for the awakening of true love within us.

Day six

The theme of pride and how many forms it turns into. How to recognize it and how to transform it.

Can we playfully look at all the stagnant parts of our pride, which is occasionally dressed in a very generous coat (like I'm the kind one and I build on that ...)? It is much better to live a free life in reverence to everyone and everything.

Day seven - recreation
Morning completion of the course and the rest of the day off

Day eight - departure

Course price: 20 000 CZK [included in price: food, accommodation and course fee], deposit is 8 000 CZK.
Maximum course capacity is 12 persons. 

Everyone arranges the flight tickets individually. Our agent will be happy to help you.
Information about Spain, course instructions, etc. will be received one month before departure.