with Evou Kavkovou
10. - 11. 10 2015 (term is fully occupied)
and january 2016

Identifying ourselves no longer as a victim in the routines of our life, the true mission of our existence is set in motion during this course.


We live in a time when people exchange money for the meaning of life.

When life for which we came here is poured into our veins, our soul grows, our body blossoms and the mind is clear. We are completely healthy and do not age. The responsibility for our lives lies fully in our hands and manifests itself in an unbreakable confidence that inspires others, one that does not compete with anyone and makes us ready to serve the world just by being.

I have created a project for you in which your inner genius that had been waiting for so long to manifest itself will be uncovered. We ALL have it. The method which consists of linking many of my years of experience in business (both at home and abroad) and painstaking work over my own mission is very playful and very effective, yet with an emphasis on discipline and patience. Nonetheless, it ultimately depends on your own readiness to take life into your own hands and being bold to live it fully.

I am always aware of the fact myself, on just how many gifts life sends us if we decide to go with courage and faith for something which I call the "soul call." This never ceases to amaze me and because this is something I totally believe in and have experienced many times, I decided to pass this mission on. It is my duty and with great pleasure I share this with others in life.