We are honored to be working with Jane Drexler, who built this organization in Czech Republic to support "strong women" whose illness helps them to re-evaluate their life. Together with other experts, we prepared a program that will focus on helping to tackle this pernicious disease in depth to the causes of disease and thus heal their souls once and for all.

These funds will be applied to public education, which is aimed at the restoration of femininity.

Association of patients with breast cancer

U Vinohradské nemocnice 4/2256, 130 00 Praha 3, IČO: 70099880

http://www.mammahelp.cz e-mail: Turn on Javascript! tel. 272 731 000

We have celebrated 15 years!

Mamma HELP is the largest patient organization, which takes care for women with breast cancer in the Czech Republic and also improves awareness among the general public about the prevention and treatment of this cancer. Since 1999, it provides free advice and a safe haven and support to patients and also to families of patients. We offer these services in our MAMMA HELP CENTER network: Prague, Brno, Hradec Kralové, Zlín, Přerov, Plzeň and Olomouc and newly from September 2014 in the České Budějovice.

In MAMMA HELP CENTERS work cured patients who can offer clients not only information and practical advice, but especially their own experience with the disease and with arduous treatment. During the year hundreds of people contact these centers by telephone or in person asking for advice or information. In 2013 over 6000 contacts were recorded. Expert guarantors of MH centers are prominent experts.

According to their needs clients can use either individual counseling - interview alone with the therapist, who offers them an understanding and enough empathetic time to hear their difficulties, or they might meet with other similarly handicapped. For these meetings there are afternoon programs with different themes: art therapy workshops, rehabilitation exercises, educational lectures, meetings and so on.

In addition, since 2004, MAMMA HELP CENTRE in Prague operates a free AVON helpline against breast cancer. Operators working there are cured patients. The daily average turnover of 40 callers using the toll-free hotline 800 180 880 are assisted by an oncologist and a psychologist once a week.

We also provide advisory services through medical clinics, MD. Václav Pech on www.mammahelp.cz. Pages show attendance of 9,900 unique visitors per month. 2000 prints of MAMMA HELP is distributed monthly to other patient organizations. We send out to our partners a newsletter every three weeks.

For members of the association – currently 690 registered persons – we organize curative and rehabilitation stays, educational programs and a variety of other projects. Very successful are also motivational campaigns “Do not be alone”, “We know how to live fully” and “Girls, I turn my tastes”.

We offer lectures focused on the prevention of breast cancer to the healthy female population. Each year in the program “Take advantage of you right for preventive checks” we train more than 2,000 women and girls. In “October in pink” project we are joining the global public awareness campaign, which aims to fight against breast cancer.

Contact for the press:

Mgr. Jana Drexlerová, Director of the MH centers network, 739 632 883, 603 747 502

Hana jírovcová, coordinator of the MH center Prague,739 632 884

e-mail: Turn on Javascript! ,www.mammahelp.cz

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